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Signs Someone Is Going Through A Rough Time In Their Life

Look Out For Friends And Family

1. They start cancel plans, avoiding gatherings, and isolating themselves.

If someone who used to be social and outgoing starts avoiding people or events, it could be a sign that they're facing challenges and need some support.

2. There's a noticeable decline in personal grooming or hygiene.

A sudden lack of attention to personal care, like not showering or neglecting appearance, may indicate emotional distress.

3. They struggle to focus, make decisions, or complete everyday tasks.

4. Changes in Behavior.

Pay attention to noticeable shifts in their behavior, mood, or daily routines. A sudden and significant change in behavior can be a key indicator that someone is going through a challenging time. This could include withdrawing from social activities, increased irritability, or a notable decrease in energy.

5. They consistently talk about feeling hopeless or expressing a lack of purpose.

Verbalizing feelings of hopelessness or a sense of purposelessness can be a clear signal that someone is going through a tough time and may benefit from professional help.

6. They frequently complain about physical ailments without a clear cause.

Emotional distress can manifest as physical symptoms. If someone frequently mentions unexplained aches, pains, or health concerns, it might be a way they're expressing internal struggles. Help them to seek medical and professional support.

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Focus on What You Can Control

Marcus Aurelius encourages us to direct our attention and energy toward things within our control - our thoughts, actions, and responses. External events may be unpredictable, but our internal state is within our grasp.

Detach from External Outcomes

Aurelius teaches the importance of not being overly attached to external outcomes. By valuing virtue and right action over success or failure, we free ourselves from the anxiety associated with unpredictable results.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

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● What is consciousness, and how does it arise from the physical world?